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Robert Galarowicz N.D.
Author of Heal Kidney Disease Products

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I want to 'Thank You' for joining the All Natural Kidney Function Restoration Affiliate Program.

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To get paid as a Healkidneydisease.com.com Affiliate you need your very own unique Clickbank Affiliate name called a "Clickbank ID." If you already have your Clickbank ID you are ready to make some money.

How To Create Your FREE Clickbank Affiliate Account

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The affiliate program is managed through Clickbank, so if you don't have a ClickBank account already, you'll need to sign up for your free account here.

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When you promote Healkidneydisease you'll use your Clickbank ID in your affiliate link to one of our landing pages. Anytime someone clicks on one of your affiliate links they'll get "cookied" to you… and when that prospect buys you'll get your FULL commission and credit for the sale. Affiliate commissions are paid to you through your Clickbank Affiliate Account.

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"Your Heal Kidney Disease Affiliate Program Affiliate Center!

Here's All You Have To Do To Get Started As
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Scroll down to see what's available for your use in the Custom Affiliate Center for Heal Kidney Disease Affiliate program.

Your Custom Affiliate Center Includes:


Done For You Emails …

Tell me what your email list is about, demographics, etc., and I will customize your email campaigns …
Check2blue2 Direct Response Copy …

Need a sales message for a webpage, blog, YouTube video, etc? I will personally write a direct response sales message for whatever your needs. I have a proven track record of direct response copywriting for the natural health industry for over 8 years …
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My graphic artist will design custom banners and ads for your web pages. They are customized to actually get “clicks” using attention grabbing arrows, headlines, copy doodles, etc.
Check2blue2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Written Articles

Let me know your keywords and professional SEO writers will provide you with a 500 or more word article.

Check2blue2 PPC Keyword Lists

PPC keywords you can use to get started promoting!

Check2blue2 PPC Ads

PPC Ads you can use to quickly get up and selling!

Check2blue2 Whatever You Need … Just Ask!

Email Messages

If you have a subscriber list feel free to use the emails below to send out a broadcast. We recommend that you also add the follow-up Emails into your auto-responder to ensure you get as many clicks as possible!


Email # 1


I had total kidney failure...
Kidney Problems? What if you only had 5 years to live?
Find out how to AVOID Kidney Dialysis...
Kidney problems leaving you feeling helpless?
Kidney problems... did you see this?


Download Text File Email # 1


Email # 2


I was lucky enough I got a donor kidney...
Are Chronic Kidney Problems Ruining Your Life?
Find out how to AVOID the HORRORS of Dialysis...
Kidney medications costing you too much?
Kidney problems? Read about a new holistic treatment...

Download Text File Email # 2


Email # 3


What Your Kidney Doctor is NOT Telling You!
Do These Holistic Treatments Reverse Kidney Disease?
Reverse Chronic Kidney Problems With All Natural Treatment
Kidney Disease Treatment Problems Reviewed
New Holistic Kidney Treatments Uncovered!


Download Text File Email # 3

Pre-Sell Page Copy Here

Pre-Sell Page # 1

Download Text File Pre-Sell Page # 1


Pre-Sell Page # 2

Download Text File Pre-Sell Page # 2

Banners & Product Images

Banner468x143 Web
468 x 143 Banner


Banner550x168 Web
550 x 168 Banner


Banner 150 Eweb
150 x 116 Banner


Banner 250 Web
250 x 193 Banner


Banner120 Vertical Web
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Book Covers

RG ANKHnKFRP Ebook 1 155


RG ANKHnKFRP Ebook 1 175


RG ANKHnKFRP Ebook 1 200


RG ANKHnKFRP Ebook 1 256

Group Images

Group Kidney 300


Group Kidney 400


Group Kidney 500


Group Kidney 600

PPC Keyword Lists

We have generated large keywords lists and sorted the keywords into groups for you. Click on the main keyword below to copy and paste related keywords.

Make sure to add the (-free) keyword to your ppc keyword list to remove freebie seekers from your ads.

Download all Keyword Lists By Clicking This Link.

Kidney Disease Remedy
Natural Remedy For Kidney Disease
Herbal Remedies For Kidney Disease
Natural Remedies For Kidney Disease
How To Improve Kidney Function
Alternative Treatments for Kidney Disease

NOTE: For more keywords we recommend using software such as Keyword Elite, WordTracker, Market Samurai, etc.

These keywords may be used for PPC campaigns or your can write keyword rich articles to drive traffic to your list.

Be sure to always track what keywords are making you sales.

You can use a TID for every keyword (which will take a long time to setup manually) or you can use something like Xtreme Conversions to automatically assign a unique TID for every keyword.


Kidney Disease Remedy
How to Avoid Dialysis - Try It Now!
Proven Kidney Disease Remedy
Herbal Remedies
For Kidney Disease - Get Relief
Stop Suffering and Avoid Dialysis!
How To Improve Kidney Function
Kidney Donor Reveals What Works
Save Your Kidneys!
Natural Kidney Remedy
Natural Herbal Remedy
Natural Herbal Remedy

Natural Kidney Remedies
Get Help For Your Kidneys!
Find Out How Here.
Alternative Treatments
Your Kidneys Restored!
In Home Kidney Treatments

*** Important Note: ***

http://www. healkidneydisease.com is the destination website BUT you need to make sure that you put your own affiliate ID in the hyperlink or you won't get credit for sales so be sure to test your affiliate ID works.

Please refer to the Clickbank Affiliate Help Center to find out how to test your Clickbank Affiliate ID code.

Want to know more about how to promote with Social Marketing?

Social Networking

Social networking sites are often overlooked, however the search engines LOVE them and reward them with high rankings! Not only that but the traffic is free so you don't have to worry about ppc costs! And with more and more social networking sites cropping up every day, competition doesn't become a problem.

The mindset behind social sites is to get at the top of the search engines for a range of keywords related to the niche and then getting your visitor to click through to your affiliate link.

Here are a list of social sites worth joining..


When creating new pages on social media sites, you can simply copy and paste the reviews and articles and link off through to your affiliate link or your own landing page!

Social Bookmarking

Not only should you be using social bookmarking to send direct traffic through to your affiliate link but also bookmark your social network sites. From the search engine's point of view, your sites will look more important with more links pointing to it.

Here are a list of social bookmarking sites worth joining..

Twitter Fark
Digg Slashdot
Yahoo Buzz Twine
Stumble Upon ClipMarks
Reddit DZone
Technorati Faves
Del.icio.us BlinkList
Kaboodle Diigo
Mixx Simpy
Propeller Newsvine

Once you've registered an account with each site, you can use a free service SocialMarker to mass boomark to each site. For a more aggressive approach use BookMarkingDemon to generate new accounts and boofmark to 100s of sites in one go.

It is recommended that you bookmark your cloaked affiliate link, your social sites, and even your own landing page.

I want to congratulate you on making a good decision and signing up on my affiliate team!

Here's to making more income with less work!


Robert Galarowicz N.D.

Author of Heal Kidney Disease Products

If you have a special request please feel free to contact us with details:

Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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